Manufacturing and Distribution

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IT for Manufacturing - IT for Distribution

Computer Business is the chosen IT company to provide IT services for manufacturing, IT services for distribution, and IT services for logistics companies.

The manufacturing & logistics industry has become a tempting target for hackers. Many systems within the sector are perceived to be weak by design as a result of a failure to be held to compliance standards. With eight percent of all attacks attacking industries, the numbers may reflect the fact that in many cases, data breaches in the manufacturing sector do not involve information that is necessarily subject to legal disclosure and regulations. As a result, attacks are not always publicly disclosed, which can make it appear as though manufacturers are attacked less often than they actually are. There is not as much financial motivation front as attackers are targeting manufacturers for trade secrets and intellectual property.

Having a fast, efficient, and secure IT environment is essential for manufacturers and distribution companies to maintain trusted supply chains in multiple locations with vendors and clients. Computer Business has more than 20 years of extensive experience with manufacturing and logistical distribution companies. From infrastructure, data and application protection, to cloud and managed security services, Computer Business has the expertise to safeguard your company’s critical assets. Our low cost, efficient, and effective solutions incorporate.