Industries: Healthcare

Providing a full-range of IT services to the healthcare industry for over 20-years.

Healthcare IT Companies

We provide a full-lifecycle of HIPAA compliant, Electronic Health Records, EHR, Health Information Management HIM, and Security Risk Analysis, SRA, healthcare information technology solutions including professional services, trouble ticket processing, server and application support, remote and collocated infrastructure, and disaster recovery platforms.

As the demands for Healthcare IT services in the healthcare industry continues to undergo considerable advances, health care providers need contemporary ways to refine operational performance, maintain compliance, and ensure patient safety and proficiency. New technology and approach is essential to delivering better healthcare outcomes. To help you thrive, Computer Business provides an approach to dynamic IT that will help to strategically situate, leverage and advance your business and IT aspirations.

Computer Business has over 20-years of credited history of providing a full-range of Healthcare IT services to clients in the healthcare industry. Our clients range from individual doctor’s offices to multi-location clinics and hospitals.