Top 10 ways for Protecting YOUR Data – FREE eBOOK


Protect your business by ensuring that you and your staff follow these 10 tips for better data security. […]

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The cost of cybercrime

Top 5 Cyber Threats in 2019 – FREE eBOOK


We have compiled the top five most common cyber threats. Read this ebook to understand how it works, […]

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Windows 7 & Server 2008 End of Life

How to Prepare for the Microsoft Windows 7 and Server 2008 End-of-Life


Microsoft will be discontinuing support for Windows 7 and their Server 2008 Operating Systems on January 14, 2020. 

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Develop your 2019 Security Checklist – FREE Download – Computer Busness


Develop your 2019 security checklist Your data compliance solved in 5 steps As data privacy legislation becomes the […]

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2019 Business IT Trends Annual Report – FREE Download – Computer Business


2019 Business IT Trends Annual Report Skills, support and budgets are the key to success A Survey of […]

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Cloud Storage or Local Servers – FREE eBOOK


Cloud Storage or Local Servers Here’s the question we’ve all asked ourselves: should my company be using server […]

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GDPR Guide: Data Protection Regulation – FREE eBOOK


General Data Protection Regulation What YOUR Business Needs to Know About The Legislation to protect the “fundamental rights […]

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Clinton Pownall

Channel Executive Magazine Spotlight – Clinton Pownall


Channel Executive Magazine | May 1, 2018 Reader Spotlight: Computer Business Consultants Source: Channel Executive Magazine Clinton Pownall, […]

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Google Gmail Confidential E-Mail Mode

Gmail “Confidential E-mail Mode” – A New Opportunity for Hackers


Google announced a redesign of Gmail, which now includes the new Gmail confidential E-mail mode that allows users […]

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Ransomware Guide: What you need to know – FREE eBOOK


Understanding and dealing with ransomware Thanks to sophisticated encryption technology, the ransomware threat is constantly evolving. Read this […]

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