Backup and Recovery

Computer Business Data Backup, and Offsite Backup Disaster & Recovery Services can have your business back up and running in no time.

Businesses that do not properly backup their data:
68% Data recovery success rate:
Typical down time for recovery:

If your business suffered a major server failure, how long could you survive without access to your email, documents, or applications?

Would you be able to recover lost data? If so, what’s your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO)? How long would it take to be fully operational again? For most organizations, the loss of even one day’s worth of work would be disastrous.

Total peace of mind - With extensive experience in developing highly secure managed data backup and data recovery solutions, we can help minimize your RTO, maximize your RPO and protect your organization’s critical data. Our scalable backup and recovery solutions leverage offsite backup and virtual recovery technology to save you time and money.

Offsite Backup & Replication - All data is stored using AES 256-bit encryption regardless if it is offsite or onsite. Our offsite backup solutions meet or exceed most compliance standards including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SSAE and FIPS-140. Our offsite facilities also go through robust third party SOC examinations to ensure it is protected.

Rapid Disaster Recovery - Our virtual disaster recovery services ensure your IT environment can be quickly replicated and re-deployed in the case of server failure. Combined with our Managed Services we provide onsite virtual recovery servers. Using our offsite backup and recovery, in the event of a catastrophic failure, our offsite backup and disaster recovery allows for the recovery of your servers and data using our offsite virtual servers until your IT infrastructure is rebuilt.

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